Friday, 1 May 2009

When the LOA Appears to Not Work....

The thing about the Law of Attraction is that we attract what we are Subconsciously vibrating - whether we're aware of it or not. The aim of Visualizing, Affirmations and other such tools, is to change the Conscious thought patterns and have that soak into and reprogram the Subconscious, in order for it to be a vibrational match with whatever it is we want. Sometimes our Conscious efforts to change beliefs transfer to our Subconscious, and sometimes they don't.

For example, if a person (like myself! ;) ) had a financial pattern of constantly struggling, no matter how hard she worked, no matter how hard she tried - when she did manage to make more money, some unexpected expense would leave her with less than before (car breakdown, illness etc.) - if she then read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", saw "The Secret" and read a lot of books, did some courses, and therefore (consciously) changed EVERY belief about money - I mean a complete overhaul in attitude, belief and feeeeling about money. And she really (consciously) did EVERYTHING suggested and she visualised religiously, and felt like she was already financially free, and really really (consciously) Believed that she was abundant, and she really really believed in infinite abundance..... and yet, she still experienced lack and struggle... there has to be something else going on.

And of course, one of the most frustrating things about being one of those people, is the advice given by some others that "You obviously don't really believe it." or "You're not doing it right..."... and so on.

Here's what's Actually happening (and having come out of this pattern, I speak from personal experience).... We have Subconscious and Unconscious Programming in us, which is created from: our experiences, what we're taught, and what is demonstrated for us, from when we first arrive in this physical experience.

Something in my early life (well, lots of things really lol) resulted in beliefs being programmed into every cell, of undeserving, and or, lack, and or danger around money, and who knows what else. Because these are core beliefs, deeeeply engrained, changing my Conscious beliefs may have worked - eventually - but it would have taken an extremely long time (I have no idea just how long - certainly longer than I was expecting!). These beliefs act as a block against allowing what we want in.

It's a bit like inviting some people 'round, and wondering why they haven't arrived yet, when in fact, the security buzzer is broken, and they can't get in. ;)

There are various modalities for changing these beliefs and clearing blocks, which then speed up the process depending on which one you choose. PATHS is the most effective one I've found for myself and my family.

Adopting new thought habits, beliefs and programming using only the Conscious mind - like trying to write over carvings in stone - will take a long, long time. Whereas, if you file down the old carvings first, you can then carve the new message in much faster and more effectively.

And in the meantime, the best way to help your Conscious efforts, is to be as Wonderful to yourself as possible. Treat yourself as you would a loved one who's going through a tough time. Give yourself Understanding and Compassion.

Love and Light and Magic xxx


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