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PATHS - Programming Your Subconscious to Achieve Conscious Goals

What Is PATHS?

PATHS stands for "Program Authoring The Human Subconscious" and uses RDT (Rapid Data Transfer) Technology.

Based on decades of research, RDT is a revolutionary breakthrough in spiritual technology that utilizes mind power subconscious technology by  energetically sending messages and cues directly to the subconscious mind.

Mind Power Subconscious Programming Can Change Almost Any Area of Your Life
It can help improve almost every area of life including, health (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual), enlightenment, productivity, success, communication, relationships, fitness and sports.

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The Power of the Subconscious Mind:

The Subconscious controls over 90% of our bodily functions, habits, behaviour patterns, and our core beliefs.

The ability to program - or reprogram - the Subconscious means harnessing the immense Power that is otherwise running on automatic.

The Subconscious and Physical Functions:

There are of course, way too many physical functions that run on automatic, to mention here, but here are a couple of examples of how the Subconscious can affect the physical body:

As we grow older, our genetic code instructs the pituitary gland to produce less Growth Hormone - production peaks at around 23 years old. After that peak, the production of our own natural Growth Hormone steadily declines, and since Growth Hormone is what enables the body to produce healthy cells in the normal course of life, lack of this hormone leads to internal organs and skin shrinking and losing optimal function.

If you could program your Subconscious mind to instruct your pituitary gland to continue to produce the same amount of Growth Hormone over time, it would reduce the effects of aging.

PATHS ("Young Again" Module) can help you program your Subconscious to achieve these results:

* Optimum secretion of your body’s own Growth Hormone
* Optimum absorption of DHEA
* Increase fatty acid absorption
* Increase bone density
* Desire for healthy foods
* Increase Neural functions

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Mood Elevation
The Subconscious can also be programmed to increase the production and absorption of Seratonin, and other "feel good" hormones, resulting in mood elevation.

These are just two examples of how the Subconscious can change and improve the physical body. Physical PATHS modules include: weight loss, building muscle mass, improving sleep (included free with each module), sports performance, increased energy, pms reduction, diabetes management, fibromyalgia release, pattern baldness reduction, eye sight improvement ... and many others.

The Subconscious and Emotional Patterns:

During childhood, we are automatically "programmed" by what we experience. We develop core beliefs through the way we experience the world and people around us. Core beliefs about ourselves are programmed into us through this experience - and it is these Subconscious beliefs that dictate how we experience our lives as adults. These underlying Subconscious beliefs affect our Financial experience, our Relationships, our Health and our Careers.

Self Esteem and Confidence
Being able to reprogram these Core Subconscious Beliefs can lead to dramatic improvements in all areas of life. For example, a person with low self esteem and low self confidence would make very different choices, decisions, and would have very different experiences than they would if they had High Self Esteem and Confidence. A person with High Self Esteem and Confidence will take more opportunities, accept more praise and challenge, be more likely to choose work they enjoy, have healthier relationships, be financially more secure, and look after themselves better physically ... than someone with low self esteem and confidence.

Negative vs Positive Thinking
Affirmations are one of the ways in which many people try to change negative thinking into positive thought habits. However, affirmations are used by the Conscious mind, attempting to change the Subconscious by repetition. This method has several flaws. One of which is the resistance from the Conscious mind. "I am successful" can be met with an immediate and instinctive "Yeah right!" or "No I'm not" or "But what about..." Another problem with Affirmations is remembering to do them - and to do them consistently.

Because the RDT Technology used in PATHS delivers the instructions and cues directly to the Subconscious, by-passing the Conscious mind, there is no resistance. And because the instructions in a single session are time-released for approximately seven days, there's no need to remember to recite them every day. It's all on automatic.

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The Subconscious Mind and Collective Consciousness:
A person’s Subconscious mind has infinite connection to the entire collective. The Subconscious locks onto the information that is intended for that person since their own personal identifiers are attached to it. The Subconscious mind receives this information or treatment and the body follows suit by acting on the information that the Subconscious is occupied with.

I will explain this in more detail in a post about Synchronicity.

The Capacity of the Subconscious Mind:

The conscious mind can process about 40 bits of information per second, the subconscious mind can process 40 Million bits of information per second. This gives an idea of just how much potential there is in harnessing the Subconscious.

How Does PATHS Work?

The mind power subconscious programming in PATHS is individually calibrated and personalized for each person. The user sits down at a computer and logs onto the PATHS website with their own user name and password to experience the first quantum part of the technology.

A customized theater presentation downloads to their computer, which corresponds to the modules they have chosen to receive benefits from. The modules can be anything from anti-aging and skin rejuvenation, to increased sports performance, better memory, increasing synchronicities, boosting intuition, boosting gratitude, increasing self-esteem and confidence or over sixty other modules. The sleep module is automatically included with every customized presentation because we all know how important it is to get deep, restful, productive sleep.

The person using PATHS will watch the theater presentation for three minutes per module. These visual and audio theaters include cues targeting the person’s subconscious mind. The subconscious recognizes that the theater is specifically for that person and nobody else. The subconscious mind then downloads millions of instructions corresponding to the modules chosen and then the presentation is over.

Over the next seven days on average, the person’s brain assimilates and builds new connections corresponding to the instructions the subconscious mind received. The best analogy of how this is possible is that you could send one hundred pages to a printer all at once. The printer stores it in a memory. Then, the printer prints one page at a time, as it is able. In the same way, the brain forms new neural connections to correspond to this information, as it is able.

There is another aspect to the technology which is the link to the Collective Consciousness, resulting in Synchronicities, Opportunities and Connections - this is described fully in the article "What's So Quantum About Paths?"

For more information, a list of available modules, and to get started, visit: Mind Power Subconscious Programming

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What is the RDT (Rapid Data Transfer) Technology used in PATHS?

RDT or Rapid Data Transfer facilitates high-speed communication between an on-line Theater Presentation and the human subconscious.

RDT Gen. II works interactively to enhance a person by delivering millions of instructions to their subconscious in short periods of time. The result is a safe and selectable system that features enhancements controlled by the end user on both a conscious and subconscious level.

Instructions are formatted, after being thoroughly researched, to be compatible with the RDT Universal Translator.

The tailored instructions for mind power subconscious programming are then run through the RDT Universal Translator, which converts them into a form that is embedded into both the Theater Presentation and the Quantum Amplifier.
When watching the Theater Presentation, the Subconscious Mind receives the Module's instructions by way of visual and audio components.
The Subconscious Mind also receives the instructions directly from the Quantum Amplifier through subspace (also known as the aether, collective, matrix, etc.)
The Subconscious Mind communicates these instructions directly to the MIND in order for thoughts and habit patterns to become more desirable.
The Subconscious Mind also communicates these instructions directly to the BODY in order for desirable biological changes to occur.
The Subconscious Mind also communicates these instructions directly back to the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS in order to powerfully attract desirable occurrences into one's life.
While the Subconscious Mind is directing the mind, body, and collective in your favor, it also influences the Theater Presentation and Quantum Amplifier to give you the OPTIMUM instructions, for your benefit, at each given moment. This LIVE feedback effect is known as Quantum Energetic Feedback™.
Each individuals experience will vary, and the level of results ultimately relies on the user. PATHS RDT technology cannot change ones beliefs, or any other aspect of them, without their intent and conscious consent.
Feel free to post questions in the comments section here.

For a list of available modules, or to get started, visit:
Mind Power Subconscious Programming

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